How Hard is it to Simply Follow the Rules?

Yesterday my son was terrified as a hyperactive little white dog was running towards him at full speed, that my son gave chase which snowballed into more chasing, running, barking, screaming, and sheer panic by my eight year old who has never trusted dogs. It doesn’t matter the size of the dog. This two minutes of mass chaos could have been easily avoided if the family who brought the dog to the city’s park (the park has a gated/fenced in area specifically for dogs to run freely as much as they want–but we were not in the dog part of the park, simply walking to our car) if the basic community rule was followed: Keep your dog on a leash/chain or in a fenced in area when in city limits. I think what bothers me even more about the incident was no apology was given, just an explanation, “The dog just wants to play” by the owner. To which, I politely replied, “Well, regardless, your dog needs to be on a leash.” They eventually agreed with me, but yet, no apology.

Many times people behave as if the social rules don’t apply to them or they were granted some kind of “special card” and then when confronted, the knee-jerk reaction is to excuse the behavior rather than own up to it. Some of the most annoying community rule-breakers are as follows:

*People who double-park: The lines are not just random decoration. They’re your BOUNDARIES FOR WHERE TO PLACE YOUR CAR WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN IT.

*Talking on your cell phone in line at a cash register, delaying the transaction and delaying the time of everyone else standing behind you at the store. You’re not on Plant Me. It’s definitely Planet Earth we’re co-existing on.

*Screaming at your kids in public. You’re making your children’s problem everyone else’s problem and most likely we’re not looking for others’ problems, we were looking for QUIET and PEACE. Address it privately somewhere. You’re only adding to the noise pollution and you look ridiculous as the adult in the situation.

*Littering: You’re just super lazy.

If you want to add to the list, please do in the comments below!