Top Ten Thoughts for the Day Concerning Humanity and Myself.


Don’t expect this to be a regular thing….but a hospital apparently makes me reflective and I was only there for an hour over a non-emergent issue—no need to send flowers).

Thought #1: By 2014 racial slurs should be extinct. Get it together.
Thought #2: Sometimes I want to do something juvenile. Like fill out a crappy review on the Better Business Bureau website for someone who is being nasty to me or someone I care about. Not because I’ve ever used their business, but because I’m mad and then I would move on. And my fake name would either be: Tawanda (Fried Green Tomatoes reference) or I’d just stick with a blunt, not so literary option: SuckIt
Thought #3: I can actually take a hint.
Thought #4: Sometimes I receive the message/hint loud and clear, but I just keep-on-keeping-on, because I think your hint is hypocritical and,yeah, I’m stubborn.
Thought #5: People that speak via a horse’s a$$ are pathetic.
Thought #6: If you want change, get off your a$$.
Thought #7: There’s a lot of good people in this world. I don’t know if I’m one of them, but I appreciate those that are.
Thought #8: Sometimes I think adult bullies should be disciplined on a regular basis, but then I remind myself that their daily punishment is they’re extremely unhappy with their lives and I’m just fine, thank-you-very-much.
Though #8.5: Plus KARMA is a B_________. So there.
Thought #9: The surface-y image you put out there of yourself does not mean you’re a person of good character. I know good people from all beliefs and lifestyles. It’s how you SPEAK to people and TREAT other people that are either the same or completely different from you, or somewhere in-between that matters. “Playing the Part” and actually “Living the Part” are not the same thing.
Thought #10: You ever wonder…..wait, I’m just going to censor myself on this last one and shake my head instead. It’s not worth it.


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